Augmented Technology_Launch Event (Dutch Design Week)

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Date(s) - 29/10/2017
12:15 - 13:15

People's Pavillon


Zondag a.s. wordt het 51-ste nummer van het tijdschrift VOLUME #51 ‘a magazine to go beyond architecture’ gepresenteerd, met als titel Augmented Technology. In de setting van de Dutch Design Week zal er een gesprek zijn met MVRDV mede-oprichter Winy Maas en Francesca Bria (Chief Technology Officer of Barcelona) over architectuur en technologie. In dat Volume-nummer een artikel van mijn hand, getiteld: ‘Major Tom, Planet Earth and Architecture’.

Technology is not only a tool to perform a particular action, but also the condition in and through which humans live. Its consequences became dramatically evident, as recent technological advancement became more and more pervasive and sophisticated.

But, who is driving it, who are the participants? Does spatial design have a say in this, and if not, how can it participate and intervene?

Join us on Sunday 29th at the DDW, where Francesca Bria (Chief Technology Officer of Barcelona) and Winy Maas (co-founder of MVRDV) will discuss the complex relation between spatial design and the tech world, between architecture and Silicon Valley’s giants, between the city and the smart city.
Arjen Oosterman (editor-in-chief of Volume) will be the moderator.

After the discussion, Sigrid Johannisse (counselor for Innovation, Tech & Science at the Dutch embassy in Washington DC) will launch the new issue of Volume #51, Augmented Technology – a manifesto-issue that sets the ground for discussion and reflection, but mostly for propositions, both in the virtual and physical world